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We defend clients charged with crimes ranging in seriousness from DWI and petty theft to murder and everything in between. Being charged with a crime is a serious matter, regardless of the charge. That is why we treat every case with the utmost care and personal attention.
Criminal Defense
We are able to represent clients charged with any crime. We have defended clients against charges such as:

Criminal Mischief
Desk Appearance Tickets
Disorderly Conduct
Domestic Violence
Driving: DUI
Driving: Reckless Operation
Driving: Suspended License
Driving: Unlicensed
Drug Possession
Federal Crimes
Firearm Possession
Identity Theft
Lewdness & Exposure
Sex Crimes
Sex Offender Registration
Child Pornography
Subway Offenses
Theft of Services
Civil Rights Violations
Whether you were a victim of excessive force by a police officer or falsely arrested, we can help right that wrong. If your civil rights have been violated, we will use our years of experience to make sure that justice is done and that you are fairly compensated. To get started, simply complete our online consultation form and a representative from our firm will be in touch with you shortly!